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Auto Insurance

Liability auto insurance in Lexington, SC is required by state law, so all drivers must carry at least this minimal amount of coverage. However, additional coverage is recommended. Liability insurance only covers the damage done to the other driver’s vehicle in the event of a crash but not the damage done to the vehicle belonging to the policy holder.

Flood Insurance

Update Your Flood Insurance to Match Updated Flood Maps for Lexington SC. Quality flood insurance in SC is especially vital now that regional flood maps have been updated, meaning that even if you have insurance now, you may need to update it along with the maps. Not to worry, we’re here to guide you every step of the way to protect your home as well as your peace of mind.

Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance in Lexington, SC is designed to protect your home, property and adjacent buildings like garages or sheds from damage. Homeowners insurance protects against fire and water damage, theft, vandalism and other accidents. Earthquake and flood policies are available upon request. Most home insurance offer moderate liability coverage.

Business Insurance

If you have put a lot into your business, you don’t want to lose it to fire, flooding or theft. Business insurance in Lexington, SC protects your business in the same way that homeowners insurance protects your home. A comprehensive policy covers not just the facilities in which your business is housed, but also the equipment you use every day for work.

Life Insurance

While the need for life insurance is something few people want to contemplate, it can be a great asset to family in the even that the policy holder passes away. Life insurance in Lexington, SC pays out in the event of the policy holder’s death, providing funds to cover burial and funeral costs, as well as to give family members a financial cushion to help them get through their trying time.

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