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Drive Smart with the Right Auto Insurance

If you own a vehicle in South Carolina, then you probably know that you are required to carry auto insurance. At first glance, this may seem like an annoying additional cost that you have to budget for, but in fact auto insurance in Lexington, SC is a valuable asset that can save you a lot of money down the line. We offer several different types of auto insurance policies. Choosing the right one often depends on the type of vehicle you operate, its value and the kind of driving you plan to do.

Liability Auto Insurance

Liability auto insurance is the minimum amount of coverage most drivers are required to carry. Liability insurance offers protection in the even that the driver is at fault for an accident that damages another driver’s vehicle. This type of coverage takes care of the damage to the other driver’s car.

Collision Auto Insurance

Collision auto insurance is a good addition to most driver’s policies, especially if they drive a newer or higher-value vehicle. This type of insurance covers damage to the policy holder’s vehicle in the event of an accident. If the vehicle is damaged and it is determined to be the driver’s fault, collision auto insurance picks up the tab.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In most cases, the insurance of the driver who is determined to be at fault covers the costs of the accident. However, some drivers have let their insurance lapse or are not carrying adequate coverage. In the event that this happens, uninsured motorist coverage will help pay for repairs to your vehicle.

Personal Injury Insurance

As frightening as it is, many accidents result in injury, either minor or more serious. Adding personal injury coverage to your auto insurance in Columbia, SC can help defray some of the medical costs associated with injuries sustained in a car accident whether they require emergency care or not.

Drive Safe. Drive Protected.

The right auto insurance in is more important than you may realize. We want to make sure that you understand what you need and why you need it. Do you have the limits you need? Are you protecting yourself and your family with coverage such as Uninsured Motorist Liability? Speak with one of our experts today and we will help you get on the road with confidence.

We offer Auto Insurance in North Carolina and South Carolina for:

  • Personal Autos
  • Motorcycle
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVS)
  • Off-Road Vehicles

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