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Update Your Flood Insurance to Match Updated Flood Maps for Lexington

Lexington homeowners will do well to make sure they fully protect the investment made in their residence with quality flood insurance from us here at Ricard Insurance Agency. Quality flood insurance in SC is especially vital now that regional flood maps have been updated, meaning that even if you have insurance now, you may need to update it along with the maps. Not to worry, we’re here to guide you every step of the way to protect your home as well as your peace of mind.

Recent Developments for Flood-Prone Areas

If you currently have flood insurance in Lexington SC, then you may have already learned that your home may now be considered a high-risk location when before it wasn’t. This change is due to the fact that area flood maps are to be updated, something that hasn’t happened since 2000. High-risk locations are often evaluated according to such factors as:

  • Rainfall
  • Topographical surveys
  • Riverflow
  • Storm tides

Building in Flood-Prone Locations

Perhaps you’re looking into building your home in an area of Lexington that’s known to flood. The revised maps could mean that area is no longer prone to flooding, or if the specific area was once not considered a risk, that may have changed. In either case, your best bet is to sit down with a professional flood insurance agent to determine your overall level of risk as well as find out whether your new construction could be subject to additional development requirements.

Something else to think about is the fact that even if your home isn’t in an area that’s been known to flood in the past, it could be a good idea to get some kind of flood insurance coverage anyway, just to be on the safe side. For one thing, floods are considered to be one of the most common of natural disasters. You don’t want to run the risk of witnessing first hand just how much structural and financial damage a flood can do. Protect your home, your investment and your sanity and consider getting at least a small policy.

We’re Here to Help

From various policies ranging from auto insurance and life insurance to business insurance, Ricard Insurance Agency has you and everything in your life fully covered. To learn more about what we can do to take care of all your coverage needs, feel free to give one of our representatives a call at 803-957-8680. You’re also welcome to stop by our Lexington office; we look forward to taking exemplary you!

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